It’s National Day here in Hungary; I’m posting Something Missing as something of a counterweight, then, to the collective joy, togetherness and general air of celebration all around me. The track’s sad, lonely guitars and melancholy lyric are just right for when you want to capture that feeling of alienation and a sense that all is not quite well, without being quite sure where the problem is coming from. The song’s New York shot video, directed by Steven Lake, does a great job of adding to this mood.

We lost what we once had

But I know I’ll miss you.

We can’t hold on to what’s left

there’s just something missing

Hunck is a side project of English members of Australian bands: Frederik is a member of Many Things, while Thomas Wykes plays guitar with Jonathan Boulet.

Something Missing is available now as a free download from Soundcloud. An EP of the same name is out digitally on 4th December.

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