Alvvays’ self-titled debut album consists of nine tracks, and clocks in at a mere 32 minutes. Advocates of Pink Moon theory understand that this is not a problem.

Like Nick Drake’s last album, and Bob Mould’s most recent album Beauty & Ruin, Alvvays doesn’t need to stick around any longer to make its point. This is finely honed indie-pop, as fizzy as it is fuzzy: brevity, like the rough and ready sound, the melodies spun round simple hooks, is just a part of its essence.

Archie, Marry Me is the kind of song that bands would kill to have written, even though it seems to have sprung out of nowhere, fully formed, all hooks and bubbles and tessellation. The moment when the band drops out, leaving Molly Rankin alone with her “Hey! Hey!” is pure indie-pop perfection.

Hey! Hey! Marry me, Archie!