Let’s close the month out with a little more of the summer slacker vibe. “Slacker” because that’s evidently the mood of Salad Days, and “Summer” because that’s when you eat salad. You can get Winter salads, of course, but that smacks of cheating to me, and is patently an inferior version in any case.

Fuck man! I was just on tour for a year and a half and I’m tired!Mac DeMarco

Not that DeMarco is probably a salady kind of guy - much more likely to push it away and light another cigarette. And then strum out some lo-fi jangle on a crazy-sounding guitar that’s suspiciously bright and breezy for the accompanying lyrics.

Oh mama, actin’ like my life’s already over

Oh dear, act your age and try another year

Always feeling tired, smiling when required

Write another year off and kindly resign

Salad Days is taken from Mac DeMarco’s 2014 album of the same name, released in April on Captured Tracks.