Not to be confused with S Club 8, S Club 7, S Club etc

Few labels are as consistently twee in their indie pop as Sweden’s Labrador Records, home not only to the indieliteful Club 8, but also acts such as Acid House Kings, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Pelle Carlberg, Sambassadeur, and The Radio Dept, some or all of whom are likely to crop up at some point this month. If you’ve always wanted more twee in your life, but have been afraid to let on, pop over to the label’s web shop ( and order yourself a copy of Labrador 100; a 4CD collection featuring one track from each of their first 100 releases.

Consider this a taster, although morally, if not legally, I’m probably obliged to point out that this gem does not actually appear on Labrador 100… 🙂