We Do This are an indie rock three-piece from Adelaide, South Australia. The band’s members (John De Michele: Vocals, bass, guitar; Daniel Colagrossi: Guitar, backing vocals; J. Tortabu: Drums, backing vocals) are originally from the United States, Venezuela, and Australia.

Having released their debut EP Faraday Wave in November 2013, We Do This will be releasing its follow-up in April 2015. For Fault Lines the band members again handled all production duties Singer/songwriter John De Michele explains, “It’s definitely moodier than some of our previous material, and I think it’s a natural progression as we’re starting to get a strong sense of identity and of what we do well as a band.”

You can listen to I’m Not Going Anywhere from Fault Lines right here on RRP. If you don’t get some strong Cure vibes from this track (in particular the bass line), sort your ears out and come back when you’re good and ready. There’s much more to this moody piece than homage to Robert Smith and co, however, with its spacious arrangements, occasional Foals-esque guitar work and gradual, confident increase in intensity as the song progresses.

Make a note of the release date (April) for Faraday Wave, because the rest of the EP is every bit as good as I’m Not Going Anywhere.