It was raining this morning, it’s raining now, and doubtless it will rain all evening. What better time, then, to find this slice of pure pop sunshine from Flyte, and its remarkably, painfully, joyously, cheesy, tacky video. In less than three jangly-spangly minutes the video manages to capture the perfect horror of the glitterball balloons and babycham crowd, the unconvincingly levitating singers and musicians that you would like to believe only existed in some 1980s parallel universe, but which you know lingered until far more recently.

The only downside to this is that it does make me want to listen to a little bit of Modern Romance. I must stay strong, and resist the temptation.

Fresh from touring with Bombay Bicycle Club and Rae Morris, Flyte will release We Are the Rain as their debut single sometime soon (that’s not my vagueness, it’s their label’s…) with an album that they promise will be concise and faff-free to follow.