After The Pixies stole Bob Mould’s Hüsker Dü blueprints and created their own somewhat softer version, and after Mould stole their version of his blueprint back for his new band Sugar on Copper Blue, he found he had a few off-cuts left over from the recording sessions. Creation put out a mini-LP of six of said cuts, and called it Beaster - album titles are rarely so succinctly apt.

It starts gently enough with Come Around, and ends peacefully with the church organ and wobbly synth of Walking Away; in between these two the four other tracks are a twenty minute mind assault that’s a world away from the radio friendly hit that Mould had had with If I Can’t Change Your Mind not long before Beaster was released. Round and round each song goes - the whole LP is an exercise in circularity - never letting up until the drums take a break for a few bars in Feeling Better.

The first of this brutal quartet, Tilted, is up there with Mould’s very best work - a crazed roller-coaster of pain and confusion with a magnificent guitar solo thrown in for good measure.