Let’s take this back to a 1980s moment of synth, and a video starring Mark Holliss and an animal cast of thousands. It’s My Life failed to reach the Top 40 on its original release in 1984, but became the band’s highest charting single when it got as high as #13 after being re-released in 1990 to promote Talk Talk’s “Best-of” collection, Natural History.

The song is the title track to Talk Talk’s second album, so it’s from their synthy new wave days, and predates their remarkable descent into studio purgatory at the ever-more perfectionist behest of Holliss. Some prefer their more energetic early releases while others favour losing themselves in the long drawn-out epic tracks that can be found on Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden. Call me a boring fence-sitter, but I’m more than happy to listen to either side of Talk Talk.

For this month’s indie disco playlist, however, the gentle meandering of those later works is right out, or at least in another room - the dreaded “chill-out zone” perhaps - and it’s to the earlier time, when they were still at least having a crack at the charts that we must turn.

People keep telling me they like the No Doubt cover of It’s My Life. I don’t know whether to believe them or not, but either way my trust in them is diminished.