Confession: I was going to finish this playlist with another Pulp song, Bar Italia, but as evocative as that song is, it’s messy and in the gutter. And if not in the gutter, then a Soho coffee bar, which at a the right time in the morning is less than a stumble of difference. As Jarvis sings, “it’s where other broken people go”. It might bring back memories of pre-dawn London, but I don’t want to be there right now.

Instead, I give you a reformed Pulp, just knocking out of the park the closing track from their final album We Love Life originally released in 2001; largely ignored at the time; post-Britpop; post-everything.

Sunrise is a glorious, affecting, high. I used to hate the Sun, admits Jarvis, because it shone on everything I’d done. With a spiralling guitar solo, and the wonderful Richard Hawley bringing the slide, what choice does Jarvis have - what choice do any of us have? - but to review the situation.

But here comes sunrise

Yeah, here’s your sunrise

When you’ve been awake

all night long & you feel like crashing out at dawn.

But you’ve been awake all night, so why should you crash out at dawn?

If you’re still up by morning, it’ll all make sense.