I always hate it when I get into a TV series only to find out some knuckleheaded channel decision-maker canned it after a couple of series because it had about five viewers too few. At best you end up with a gripping final season tragically undermined by the sudden and surprising need to tie up a heck of a lot of loose ends in the last episode so that a good life awaits for those who deserve it, reprobation for the rest.

When Mumm-Ra split up in 2008, the band didn’t state exactly why, just offering the following on their mySpace page:

After seven years, 11 months and 21 days of writing and playing music together us Mumm-Ra boys have decided our journey as a band has come to an end.

Perhaps it’s just a giant coincidence that even in the face of some hot tippage from NME (not the first, nor the last to suffer this) including a spot on 2007’s NME indie tour, the band’s announcement came after their three singles too a brief look at, but ultimately shied away from the Top 40. I guess that wasn’t the immediate success the label bosses at Columbia had in mind for their new indie darlings. Or maybe the band just upped and went away of their own accord. Who knows?

The good news is that new material is surfacing, and an album is imminent. Whether it will match the swelling brilliance of She’s Got You High remains to be heard, but I for one will be looking forward to seeing what them Mumm-Ra boys have come up with.