Before I opted to go with one of my pointless playlists jokes and start the month the same artist who finished the last playlist, this was going to be the first track on this month’s list. The idea for the playlist came to me two weeks ago, while browsing new releases on Spotify. My eyes alighted on the two monstrously expansive Complete Rarities collections for R.E.M.’s I.R.S and Warner Bros years that were both released on the same day, and there, among the 200-plus songs now suddenly available, was a familiar name I’d long forgotten.

Romance had already appeared on Eponymous, the 1988 I.R.S records compilation released after the band’s final album for that label before their big-league, big-money move to Warner Bros. It also cropped up on the soundtrack to the 1987 film Made in Heaven, but had not appeared on any R.E.M. studio album.

For those who don’t use Spotify, but want to hear the fully polished Eponymous version, here it is:

Spotify users can check out the Eponymous version using the link, below.

And after yesterday’s twin versions, boy is it value for money month here at <<Rewind<< >Play>, because the Youtube link below is for a rough demo version of the song recorded during the **Murmur** sessions, some four years before it was eventually re-recorded for _Made in Heaven_. Don't ever say I'm not good to you.