I guess if you’re Radiohead in 2011 you can do pretty much as you please. Given you’ve already turned heads with OK Computer then swivelled heads with Kid A and followed it with Amnesiac, before going out on a limb with some crazy pay however much you like for our new album scheme at the release of In Rainbows. Oh, Radiohead, you are so crazy and pioneering that you hypnotise us into clean forgetting that other album you released somewhere along the line. Ah yes, Hail to the Thief, the one no-one ever really talks about.

Anyway, moving along the timeline a few more years, and there’s King of Limbs, which contains all of eight tracks, but somehow didn’t have space for either The Daily Mail or Staircase. The former had been around for years, but never knocked into shape, while the latter didn’t quite make it out of demo stage in time for a spot on the album.

That’s the Radiohead line, at any rate. A mind might wonder whether they just didn’t gel with the remaining King of Limbs material. Both are relatively straightforward, not glitchy, nor skittery; too easy, perhaps, for the Radiohead hive-mind to focus clearly on. It’s just that Staircase is so lissome (speaking of limbs). Constructed around a series of shifting two-note patterns, it’s autological and inspired, and would have slotted in perfectly before or after Separator at the end of King of Limbs.

As well as listening on Spotify, you can buy The Daily Mail and Staircase here: http://www.thekingoflimbs.com/Store/DisplayItems.html