Nominated in the “Best Hard Rock performance” category in the 2003 Grammys, No One Knows eventually lost out in that super-important award race to All My Life by Foo Fighters. In other words, a song by Dave Grohl’s band beat a song not by Dave Grohl’s band, but which is chiefly memorable for Dave Grohl’s performance in it.

Go Grammys!

It’s not all Grohl, of course: his chorus pyrotechnics are offset by the simplicity of the song’s verse, and matched by the ferocity with which Josh Homme delivers the riffage. But still, arms and sticks flying everywhere, it’s Grohl who steals the show.

Here’s a somewhat different take on the track from The Divine Comedy, one that’s extraordinary in its own right. Pushing the “hard rock” element to one side, it brings the oompah of the original center-stage and throws in a banjo, because, well, why not?