Not a great name for a band; rubbish album title. Oh, and their label went bankrupt while they were working on a second album, leaving everything from unfinished demos to the band name itself in limbo.

On the plus side, given that I’m doing a top 30 albums this month (albeit a top thirty that probably in no way actually resembles my all-time thirty favourite albums, instead being based on my most listened-to artists on and having decided that I might as well work my way from #30 to #1 in the style of a conventional countdown (at least at first…) it meant I didn’t have to think very hard about which album to choose.

On the bigger plus side, this is uber-cool, even if it is a bit confident and handsome for its own good, and probably couldn’t have existed in any universe other than the post-Strokes one into which it was thrust. Well, I say thrust, but if anything it was probably shrugged into existence.