What is it with advertisers and their ability to take a perfectly decent song and ram it down your earholes continually for months, years on end, until you get to the point where you just can’t take any more of it?

And then to start a new campaign with the same song, same message, same slogan, same logo, but new reasons to get mad. It’s not as if they even pick songs that have any particular relevance, just the ones that their focus groups felt marginally more favourable towards.

And it’s not as if the brand itself has to be something you hate, boycott, or are repulsed by. You might well be a paying customer of the company at the time, or just find them to be generally ok, no real complaints, not perfect, but mustn’t grumble.

It’s enough to make you go right off a band sometimes. Or at least, coupled with ever diminishing returns, it doesn’t make you want to return to a band. So thank you Vodafone for helping to make me not want to listen to …The Dandy Warhols Come Down so much any more, even though it’s stacked with fantastically easy rock hooks and the effortless cool of songs like Every Day Should be a Holiday, Boys Better, Cool as Kim Deal, and this, the lead single for the album. Yeah, thanks for that.