It starts out with the title lyric, earnestly declared. You’re thinking: “hmm… ok, where is this one going?”. Whatever direction you pick, the synths that follow drop you off somewhere else, before a brief machine-gun guitar and electro interlude. Then just the synths again, and back to the title lyric. Only this time it moves into a sort of Jeff Buckley dystopian nightmare - the vocal over rapid cuts, electronic beats and howling guitars.

Now there’s a good chance that I’ve made Tell My Body I’ve Gone sound terrible there, but that truly isn’t the case. Give it a shot, and you’ll hear why.

Montmartre is Joe Allen, Richard Kavanagh, and Matthew Gamble. They skitter and brood; vocals swinging from fragility to vitriol, atop layers of intricate guitars, synths and melodic bass riffs. The imperfect cadence to this uneasy offering is the beat-up apple mac in the corner - serving up the jittery, agitated beats and glitches that underpin the sound.Montmartre

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