I happened to catch a mention of Marika Hackman by @toomanyblogs on twitter the other day:

Hi-ho, I thought to myself, Antlers seem like the kind of group to pick interesting support acts - I should do some investigation. About twenty Spotify and Soundcloud minutes later I was hooked on Hackman’s beautiful voice and canny knack for melody. The Deaf Heat EP, released back in April, is a perfect showcase for Hackman’s talents. Topped and tailed by the chorus of angels of Tongues, with its Julianna Barwick-esque loops and ethereal beauty, and a cover of the Lykke Li track I Follow Rivers, the meat in this sandwich is provided by the magnificent and stately Call Off The Dogs and today’s track of the day, Deep Green.

Deep Green starts with an eerie-sounding chant and drumming that does nothing to prepare you for the quite incredibly lovely melody of the song’s chorus, and the unexpected but perfect bass and vocal lines it takes. You get a choice of versions of Deep Green in the media links: for the studio version, head to Soundcloud; if you want to hear how entrancing a solo acoustic version sounds, check out the youtube video.

You can also get a download of Hackman’s Covers EP for the usual fee - ie one email address of your own choosing - from this here link: