Confession: I was going to post For Love as today’s track for the shoegazing playlist, but what passes for my rational side held sway; instead of a love song that’s not really a love song at all taken from the period in the life of Lush that although still a way off from when they first were rolling eyes of cuteness at britpop, marked the start of their move away from their earlier, denser sound.

So, this Valentine’s day you get a proper piece of shoegazing / dream pop from the dawn of the decade. At this time Lush were still very much in the ethereal not always discernible vocal mold, and Sweetness and Light showcases both that sound, and the deftness of the lyrical barb that was to become a familiar Lush trait:

See with you memories fading fast

And with you it’s never going to last

You are the sweetness in my eyes

You are an apple in disguise

See with you

I never seemed to look the other way

Only to stay, only to breathe

Only to see

That space and light is what I really need