How is it that all I want to do is post a link to a song that’s in some way related to the Eurovision song contest, but about an hour after finding the right video, instead of getting on with something, anything else, I’m reading about a song called Desfolhada portuguesa’, which finished last but one in 1969. I’m even watching the video of its performance at that year’s contest, and I can’t help thinking that such a world is this in which a song with lyrics by a well-known 20th centry Portuguese poet (I concede I’m in no position to say exactly how renowned) that seems to deal with love for one’s nation and defoliation (I suspect google translate does not do his words justice) should be kept from the wooden spoon presentation only by the presence of good old Norway, while up at the top there’s a four-way tie for first place; a tie that includes a song called Boom Bang-a-Bang.

We’ve come a long way from 1969, with its orchestras, conductors, and on-stage Salvador Dali sculptures, and while today’s song isn’t itself taken from Eurovision, but from assorted BBC sporting montages and golf leaderboards, it’s by a man who represented France in the 2008 contest. He arrived on-stage in a golf cart, and inhaled helium during his performance, so I’m pretty sure we’re not in Kansas, or Madrid, or the 1960s anymore, which in a week that saw them vote overwhelmingly in favour of the notion that life was better in the 60s, is worth mentioning to your neighbourhood Daily Mail reader next time you see them.