If yesterday’s track was a bit much, this should make for a more appropriate piece of evening casualwear, perfect the your local friday indie night: the kind of indie-pop that just wants to take you out and show you a fun time; no strings nor doom attached.

Two other bands seem to crop up a lot in general Ski Lodge conversation; while guitarist and lead singer (and general all-rounder) Andrew Marr is not related to his Smiths-playing namesake, he’s clearly a fan. Tellingly, when asked by The L Magazine what album would get the most play in the van if Ski Lodge were on tour for a month, Marr replied with: “The Queen is Dead by The Smiths”. The other band folks seem unable to namedrop is Real Estate, and not without reason: filter out some of the Real Estate Sunshine and substitute in a touch more heft, and hey presto! Ski Lodge!