This is psychedelic trippy shoegazing at its finest. Can I coin the term disco-gaze? Glitter-gaze? Whatever, it would have given Saturday Night Fever an altogether different vibe, I know that much. Listening, I wish it went on for longer; dancing, I’d be glad of it’s brevity - you could suffer some painful disorientation if you tried to groove to this for long.

Lyrical themes - summertime, dreams, colours - match hazy, woozy guitars; vocals are hushed, and occasionally sound like they’re double-tracked with a twin that’s been through a reverse filter; everything’s just a bit warped from having been out in the sun too long,

I’ve go memories in my soul (imagine hearts)

I’ll drown (imagine hearts)

And I’m dizzy with these hits (imagine hearts)

I’m losing

imagine hearts, imagine hearts hearts

imagine hearts, imagine hearts hearts