An album doesn’t have to include a track of the same name. I knew that much. It had never occurred to me, though, that you might record an album, and give it the name - say, Going Blank Again - of a song you’ve recorded for said album, only to then leave the song off the album.

That’s exactly what Ride did with Going Blank Again, omitting it from the album and using it instead as a b-side to their bouncy floppy-haired single Twisterella. It made no logical sense to me at the time, but musically you could make a case for its inclusion upsetting the natural rhythm and groove of the album. From Leave Them All Behind to OX4, the songs that made the final cut for Going Blank Again tended to be more roughly hewn, usually longer, a bit dirtier and frayed round the edges. Going Blank Again in contrast, sounds like a pretty younger sibling to a track like Dreams Burn Down: a pretty guitar melody cycles round, only this time there’s no freak-out, and the sound has been filtered for clarity.

In the end, it makes perfect sense that the gentle but ultimately directionless Going Blank Again should miss its own party.