Starting #MusicalAdvent on a slightly lateral note, is Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy. On the one hand it could be (forcing a seasonal context onto it) the moonlight journey of Santa himself, looking down and determining who’s been naughty or nice (hint: if your label rhymes with another in the lyric, there’s a better than average chance that you’re out of luck, so bad news for gamblers, lawyers, voyeurs and destroyers but the benefit of the doubt going to ramblers, teachers. Preachers could go either way…)

It’s also a song about friends, and love and life, and not worrying about what you’ve missed out on so much as appreciating the things you’ve seen, and the people you’ve shared all your best moments with. Sometimes, it will be a song that makes you cry to think of all these things.

Tonight we fly

Over the mountains

The beach and the sea

Over the friends that we’ve known

And those that we now know

And those who we’ve yet to meet

And when we die

Oh, will we be

That disappointed

Or sad

If heaven doesn’t exist

What will we have missed

This life is the best we’ve ever had