This is roughly the point at which Aus/NZ group Crowded House started to move into “hey, even if you can’t necessarily immediately recall all their hits, there’s a chance that you’ve hummed a few of them at one time, and you have to admit they were kind of catchy and you sort of liked them, even though you sometimes worried they were a bit lamestream and verging on the cheesy” territory. Or as the adverts for their greatest hits package would have it:

You know more Crowded House songs than you think you do

Although I’m pretty sure I know exactly the number of Crowded House songs that I do, in fact, know, I couldn’t enumerate that set with any certainty (“Private Universe”!). But strangely, the advertising logic (“Chocolate Cake”!) kind of holds. Despite having a chart history (“Don’t Dream it’s Over”!) that reads like Mark Ramprakash’s England (“Weather With You”!) batting record, Crowded House really do have songs (“Fall at your Feet”!) that somehow seep into the musical landscape.

“Four Seasons In One Day”! Now that’s a really annoying earworm.

“Pineapple Head”!

A bunch of other non-singles that you’ve probably heard on someone else’s stereo, because we’re all probably only a few degrees of separation away from a Crowded House album, a number that tends towards zero the more polite but not necessarily aspirational dinner parties you attended ten to fifteen years ago.

And “Distant Sun”! How could I forget?