Extreme arm-hurtiness is preventing me from typing much right now, so I’ll be brief (and no, that is not a good thing, thank you…). I don’t care if hardcore indie kids look at me funny when this comes on - those of us who know, we know that Move On Up is an electrifying burst of funk that you just can’t ignore: it comes at you right from the start, and it comes and comes, and then it comes some more. As allmusic.com says:

Mayfield uses a variety of horn and string riffs as an ingenious call and response device to his silky smooth vocal performance at various points throughout the song’s intricate arrangement of a multitude of instruments. The overall effect is one of a unstoppable wave of positive sound, rolling forward, moving on up, as Mayfield offers words of encouragement, of progress through hard work and perseverance.Allmusic