Reacting, as always, to what the people are thinking, I saw this on my twitter feed earlier and knew what I had to post today:

The original version of Chasing Rainbows - taken from 1998’s Let it Ride - reached number 17 in November 1998. That version wasn’t short of a string or two, as you can hear below, but this update is a very different beast altogether.

In 2011 the band recorded the limited edition (777 copies only) A Maximum High 15th Anniversary EP to celebrate the getting the band back together, and the fifteenth anniversary of the release of A Maximum High - their second album, and the one that really kicked them on and into chart success. The EP contains acoustic re-workings of four of their tracks (even if it’s not quite, as some sites seem to claim, four tracks from A Maximum High). And they really are re-workings, particularly in the case of Chasing Rainbows, which is transformed from its fairly straight indie britpop guitar ballad origins (if that doesn’t sound too complimentary, I should point out that I did buy the CD single - it’s a great track) into something quite surprisingly delicate.