I originally cued this one up way back in *rustling; sound of diary being leafed through* March, when Nathaniel appeared on Soundcloud. I was sure I had something immediate and important to say about it, because it was not quite what I was expecting from Watt. Even having recently heard Spring, another track from the then forthcoming album Hendra, I was ill-prepared for the guitar-heavy crunch and driving beat. But then, at the time I hadn’t twigged that Watt was working with Bernard Butler, whose guitar greatness can be heard on Nathaniel.

In case you’re wondering what the track is about, Watt explains all:

It’s a song inspired by a road sign I saw in Oregon. It is about how we deal with grief, in private and in public. It is also about love, strength of character and has some merciless lead guitar from Bernard Butler. Hope you like it.Ben Watt</cite></p></blockquote>

I do like it, Ben. I like it a lot.

**Hendra** is out now.