Not in the least bit ugly, if you ask me. Pretty, and sunny, and pretty sunny.

The Uglysuit got together as high school friends, formed a band, had some fun, enjoyed a couple of eponymous releases, gigged a little, before amicably and quietly going their separate ways again. We’re fortunate that they left us “…And We Became Sunshine” before they parted.

In the words of their label:

The Uglysuit’s music is an extended love song to the notion that everything is possible, yet nothing is guaranteed. It’s born of excitement and energy and built on potential and promise. It’s based on the premise that change exists in everything, and where a wide-eyed view of the world doesn’t equal naiveté. It reminds us that we are alive, and that maybe it’s not too late.

Unless they get the band back together (it’s been occasionally mooted) some of that potential and promise will remain forever unrealised, more’s the pity.