I so nearly forgot this one.

A lost classic swept up from the We Love Life studio floor, After You was reborn a decade after it was abandoned, first given away as an exclusive Christmas gift to gig-goers, before being released in January this year.

It’s an absolute belter that really should have been finished off, tidied up, and nudged onto the indie dancefloor, where greatness would surely have followed. And this being pulp, you can’t get to the end without a little lyrical something special from Jarvis: ridiculous, yet brilliant at the same time.

From disco to disco

From Safeway to Tesco

We’re shopping around from the cradle till death row

Don’t stop until the train has pulled into the station

Then I’ll hold the door for you - no, I insist

After you

After You is the only recording Pulp have attempted since reforming in 2011, and it’s unlikely we’ll get any truly new material from them, but what a way to bow out.