With influences including Shoegaze, Punk and Britpop, and a career spanning fifteen years, Wry are still as new to me as they perhaps are to you. If Waves is anything to go by, they’ve spent that decade and a half wisely, perfecting a relaxed shoegazing vibe based around shimmering guitars and gently shimmying chord changes. Fighting back waves (uh-huh) of nostalgia, I’m nonetheless bound to admit that Waves delivers an ocean (uh-huh x2) of memories of the first time I heard music like this and knew I needed it in my life. Getting its point across without jabbing a finger in your face, it’s an introvert’s dream of telepathy without unwanted intrusion - unspoken agreements, unsignalled but understood.

Whales & Sharks / Deeper in a Dream is avalaible as a digital release now. Vinyl is out on January 15th, from Sonovibe Records. You can order the album on vinyl or digital from Sonovibe HERE, or from iTunes.

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