I have six more music submissions for you right here, ranging from folky singer-songwriterness to alt-rock, to blues rock, to 80s-style pop goodness.


Super Subs Week #4 kicks off in raucous style, thanks to some alt-rock, Woking style. Camcorder are: Tobias Noto - vocals and guitar; Owen Baker - Drums; Mat Peachey - Bass. Manifest Misery, their debut EP, was released in September and is available from their Bandcamp page. The costiness is anything from zero upwards, dependent on how generously you would like to reward them for their hooks, heft and riffage. Hint: generosity pays.

Manifest Misery by Camcorder


Slowcoach is the work of Melbourne-based Dean Valentino. In Limbo is his second release as Slowcoach. I’m detecting a strong sense of the likes of Real Estate in the wandering vocal lines and ringing guitars. In my book, in case you don’t know, strong Real Estate vibes are very much a good thing.</p>


A self-titled debut album from Honeyspiders is out on November 14th, via Cobra Basket Recordings. Here’s hoping the LP sustains the low-slung down n’ dirty rock of New Blooms. Think back to that first time you heard BRMC and realised you’d found your anti-twee.</p>


FRENSHIP offer up a teasing description of themselves as “Hall & Oates meets Ellie Goulding”. I have no real view on Goulding, but Hall & Oates were there in the 80s in my formative pop years (Family Man, anyone?) so the comparison is intriguing enough to reel me in. And I’m glad I’m easily led, otherwise I might have missed what Pigeons & Planes described as “like Tears For Fears with a touch less darkness”. And, yes, if you’ve already made it to P&P, then RRP isn’t going to boost your profile all that much, but what the hey, every little helps!</p>

Mirror Mask

When Prince goes seriously darkwave, this is what he’ll be shooting for. And then he’ll give it away with The Mail on Sunday / Tidal and personally oversee a takedown of any fan uploads. Because Prince is a dick. Don’t buy Prince records, by Mirror Mask records instead.</p>

Andy Newton

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Andy Newton now lives near Boston, where he composes songs - which he’s been doing since his undergraduate days, fuelled by the memories of golden oldies he used to hear on his local radio station. A Banner Day, released this summer, is his debut album. It’s a folk-rock collection with emphasis on both the folk and the rock, switching easily between contemplative plucking and hammered riffs alike.