At this special time of year, the minds of music fans everywhere are taken up with the all-important, all-consuming task of coming up with the definitive account of the last twelve months in music (aka The End Of Year List Of Best Albums Bar None). Little room is left to take on new sounds, except those that would make their list even better than best.

It takes a momentary jolt, like seeing the name Sennen in your inbox and knowing you have no choice to find your way to the stream and hope it will be as layered and beautiful as you remember. And it’s worth the jolt, well worth the jolt. In fact, that’s part of song’s message. Singer Lawrence Holmes explains:

You can cruise through life surrounded by aspirational nonsense wherever you turn, losing yourself and falling asleep indefinitely. Those ultra-happy 60s airline ads seemed suitably mad and creepy to accompany this thought - especially when filtered through an extra layer of close-up television. But underneath, there’s always part of you trying to shake yourself awake.

Better than better than best: a new album is on the way next year: stick it on your Best of 2016 list already.

Autopilot is taken from Sennen’s new album First Light, released on February 26th, 2016 via Indelabel.

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