The Librarians - The Fair

Round-up #8 kicks off with fuzzy, bounding fare from Cambridgeshire’s The Librarians. The Fair features on their new self-titled EP, available from bandcamp for as much or as little as you fancy paying.

Download the EP from bandcamp right here:

Maquinas - Maquinas

It doesn’t feel right that Maquinas are the first shoegaze / noise band to come out of Brazil that I’ve heard. Surely there are others, but who? (Cue angry fist-shaking from hordes of Brazilian ‘gazers I’ve evidently forgotten). Regardless, Maquinas have set the bar nice and high for anyone who wants to follow with this their debut EP. All tracks are sung in Portuguese, which oddly enough just adds another beautiful, swirly layer to the overall sound. For all I know these are songs about the frustrations of having to do your housemate’s washing up, expressed through the medium of reverb. Probably not, though, eh? You can find out for yourself by downloading this tasty free EP from bandcamp.

Shallou - Reykjavik

A slightly different vibe emanates from Reykjavik. This new track from electro producer and vocalist Shallou is altogether more blissful: I’m thinking more park afternoons staring at the sun or twilight beach fire. Analyse that as you wish.

Sick Bookies - Cool Mouther Looker

From the fair to the beach to the pavement. Hopefully you see what I did there with the clever wordplay. Regardless, all you need to know is that we are all in the gutter, but some of us are listening to Sick Bookies. Get the album, as usual, from bandcamp.

Summon The Octopi - Nonversations

I’m an octopodes kinda guy myself, but that’s just my ancient Greek declension of choice. All options are, I’m told, equally valid. Nonversations often looks like one thing but keeps turning into something different while you’re not looking. Pay close attention or you might get lost. A post-rock build up might suddenly launch into heavy riffing, followed by an acoustic ballad and then some more riffage. Just when you think you might have a handle on it, something different appears. Much like ancient Greek declensions, in fact.

Waterbed - Around

Far less confusing, this (not saying confusing is a negative quality in music, you understand). Every sound in Around just pings off every other sound, resulting in an invigorating four-minute burst of sonic delight. Free sonic delight, if you want it to be.