Parrot Dream is a Chilean and North American indie-pop foursome based in NYC made up of Christina Appel (voice and keyboard), Gonzalo Guerrero (guitar), Francisco Véliz (bass) and Diego Aravena (drums). Formed at the end of 2013, their debut EP Set Sail Someday is a compilation of six songs recorded at Estudio Lautaro (Pablo Giadach) and Solvenfrance (Diego Ridolfi). Mixing was done by Diego Ridolfi from the Chilean band Fármacos and mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering NYC in Brooklyn (Mac DeMarco, Beach Fossils, etc). The EP was released on the Chilean label Beast Discos.

Parrot Dream recently released a video for Come Home, one of the tracks on Set Sail Someday. Full of night lighting, streetlights, striplights and bokeh, the green and sodium of the after-dark Santiago cityscape is broken just a couple of times by all-too-brief glimpses of daylight and nature. The visuals work well with the song’s isolated / isolating feel and dream-pop sound, but of the whole composition it’s a brain-meltingly wonderful chorus that wins the day.