More, more, more… it’s OK - I know how you like it.

Joni Fatora - Pilot

Second time on RRP for Joni Fatora, after the utterly gorgeous Blueless Bird, Pilot amps it up and moves into a rockier place. The result is a different kind of perfect: Guitars bend, piano chords strike, as the melody follows the lead of Fatora’s soft/strong vocal.

Hannah in the Wars - Sweet Release

After two well-received solo releases - Sky Above, Horse Below (2007) and The Blind Love EP (2009) - Hannah Curwood has swapped her rural Otaga, New Zealand, home for old London town and formed six-piece band Hannah in the Wars. With it’s piano, strings and wordless cries, Sweet Release is the intriguing, entreating first single from their eponymous debut album, produced by Roger O’Donnell (The Cure).

Click through to Soundcloud for tour dates in New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Germany over the next few months.

Life is Better Blonde - Mine

How you feel about Mine, the debut single from Melbourne’s Life is Better Blonde will be dictated to an extent by your feelings on vocodery autotunery vocal effects. Accept them into your heart and you’ll have yourself some splendidly slinky, glitchy, broken electro-soul for company. Trust me: you want that.

Lilith Ai - Hang Tough

Lilith Ai grew up in North-East London before leaving for America, a young teenager with barely £70 in her pocket. She ran away to America and spent the next few years living on the streets of Queens, New York. Now back in London she is about to release her first single, Hang Tough. Don’t be fooled by its cool, soulful sounds and laid-back vibe: Lilith Ai means business.

Vuurwerk - Warrior

Flemish trio Vuurwerk have have made the move from remixers of note to recording their own material. Signed to Lo Recordings in the UK, their first release is the Warrior EP. Watch the video for the title track, above. With deft vocals from Soldier’s Heart lead singer Sylvie Kreusch and smooth chords and solid bass, it’s not hard to see why they’re a hot property right now.

Young Empires - The Gates

Young Empires are Matthew Vlahovich, Jake Palahnuk and Taylor Hill. Together, this Canadian three-piece create shiny, pinging, dancefloor electropop. A little fuller-sounding and darker than their debut single So Cruel, The Gates is a boomingly solid sign of future greatness.