From the moment the title track kicks in to the last moments of gentle feedback of Bubble Tea, this three track EP from Lull is a heavy, crunching, distorted, woozy fifteen minutes of shoegazing and noise-pop heaven. Not for nothing have Lull garnered comparisons with Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins. And look - it’s completely free, too. You people don’t know how lucky are, you know. When I was a lad (about a hundred years ago, since you ask), I had to risk the meagre contents of my Post Office account on overpriced CD singles or weirdly expensive and easily damaged cassettes to get a fix of new indie sounds. Now you can just pop along to Bandcamp, click a button, hand over your email address, et voilá. And if you do that with Dead Or Alone, you’ll be a short download away from owning three tracks that each bring the noise in their own way.

Dead Or Alone, the EP’s opening and title track, is a crunchy slice of slacker indie rock; it doesn’t take long to spot that the EPs time machine has been dialled back to a non-specific 90s period. It’s followed by Break Hearts, which alternates between dreamy and hefty before signing off in a drum and guitar solo whirlpool. Closing track Bubble Tea sounds like a cover of Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer. For two chords. The rest is a glorious nod to the disorienting shoegazing sound of My Bloody Valentine, and a fine fine way to finish.

You can download Dead Or Alone for free from Lull’s Bandcamp page. Follow the link down in the Bandcamp bit just down from here.