It’s two months to the day (at the time of writing) since I was extolling the virtues of both the mandolin and of South Korea / U.K. / Manhattan / Sacramento / New Jersey outfit Language of Shapes, and they’ve now released a second single from their second album Mother Mountain. Called Light On, it’s one of those tracks that bubbles away in the background for years before finally becoming fully formed. The chorus dates back about five years, but it’s been well worth waiting for all the shapes to assemble themselves in exactly the right order.

The first time you knocked on the otherworld door

Your brain flood with yellow you quaked in your robes and backed out from completing the call

And all of those angles they flooded your brain from within

A straightforward message from the ancient of days burst out from the eye to your skin

Light On’s light and playful melody and rhythm are dashed on the rocks of harsh imagery, but ultimately redemption is at hand. Plus mandolin - always good. Also something I could use to soundtrack my next game of dreamworld escape game Onirim.