I hope you like stories that remind you how easy it is to just get in your car and go to work each day, sit at your desk and do that thing the company pays you to do. Or to look like you’re doing that thing at any rate, even though what you’re actually doing is generally known as “skiving”. And at least you’re not taking a cigarette break every ten minutes like those layabout smokers, am I right?

Idea the Artist is the work of singer-songwriter Inés Beltranena. I Just Love You is taken from her second album, The Seafloor. Shortly after the release of her first record, Beltranena was diagnosed with a severe ribcage disorder that led to excruciating pain and a gradual loss of control of her hands. The condition was declared incurable; Beltranena refused to give up, and found a unique doctor who aided her to walk again without the use of a cane.

The Seafloor was recorder during her rehabilitation, marking a journey towards what Beltranena calls “the house of light.”

It is the story of walking away from despair, and the bittersweet love and power that comes with that

I Just Love You is the second of three releases before the release of The Seafloor. In places dark and foreboding, it’s lifted by the clarity of Beltranena’s classically trained vocals. Part electronic, part orchestral, its violins swoop in amongst the clatter of the percussion, while the lyric tells of ghosts that refuse to die. Frankly, it’s all pretty wonderful.

Seafloor will be released on March 24th. Physical copies of the record will be available at the CD release party at the Rickshaw Stop on Friday the 20th in San Francisco with bay area band Be Calm Honcho. Tickets are available HERE.