Island Kids is a new track by Holy ‘57, a project from London-based Alex Mankoo. Setting the city aside for four minutes, he creates a cocktail-sipping, hazy, lazy sun-dipping vibe.

Instead of aiming for a specific sound in my music, I have a picture in my mind, and the different musical elements I record are the various hues and contours of that image, and this image changes and develops as a song progresses. The guitars are the cool fine blues, the synths are the burning reds, and the drums represent a sense of motion and happening in the image and give the elements their contours. I find this method gives music a sense of time and place as well. I like the idea of being able to feel a sense of geography or a time of day in a song.Alex Mankoo

Island Kids is available to stream right now, with a video and download to come in July.