When I was a much younger geek than I am today, I had a friend whose Dad worked at the BBC, down in that London town. One year, for his birthday (my friend, not his Dad) we popped into Television Center, because that sort of thing was an unimaginably exciting treat back then. We saw recording studios, all manner of things the props department had left lying around, met Ian McCaskill in the canteen, and most excitingly of all got to play with the latest video technology in the Six O’Clock News production suite. Twiddling a few knobs and pushing a few buttons we could easily achieve remarkable effects like Picture-in-picture, at the time a remarkable technology only really available commercially.

Which brings me to the video for Elsewhere, the new track from “Disney Grunge” group Heyrocco, which makes my Nicholas Witchell impersonations look like the old hat they are by using the very latest in cutting edge editing techniques. The bleeding edge is so sharp here it’s a wonder health and safety didn’t step in to put a stop to it. This video brings us right up to the modern day, if by modern day we mean sometime in the early 1990s, when the likes of The Soup Dragons and Blur were hovering unconvincingly in and out of trippy neon backdrops and mostly featureless studios. The greatest aspect of it is how it works with the music (a little bit grunge-pop, a little bit Weezer, a little bit Pavement-on-a-high) and never once makes you hate yourself for still loving the 90s.

Elsewhere is out on Monday 23rd February.