Alan Parsons, who has spent a bit of time around some pretty legendary names, reckons Electric Litany are ‘the next Radiohead’. Feels like a bit of a leap, and not to accuse a man of self-interested hyperbole but he did co-produce their forthcoming album Enduring Days You Will Overcome.

Look, they might well become the next Radiohead, and good luck to them I say, but it’s not unusual for someone involved in a project (something Parsons should know a bit about…) to overstate matters just a tad.

That said, Silence is one heck of a moody, twisty electronic tunnel, a hyperspace flight collecting the last thirty-five years into an orbiting, shifting mass of new wave, synth and echo: Wild Beasts twirling around Talk Talk. If the album is anything like a fraction as thrilling, expect it to land somewhere in our end of year round-up of the very best of 2015.