Bronx Cheerleader are, they cheerfully inform RRP, from a Southern Ontario town best known for producing 3-time Grammy winning polka king Walter Ostanek. Now that’s pretty bold, wouldn’t you say? Putting yourself in that sort of company, I mean. If you’re going to take a seat next to the triple polka king you’d better be authorised to be up here.

Fortunately Mad Sam is Dead is plenty good enough. Indie rock with a slacker vibe and whispered vocals, interrupted occasionally by the twang of a guitar that brings in a mood I can best describe as surf-desert-morricone. I doubt that makes much sense, so give it a stream from the Soundcloud link and find out for yourself.

Their next album, Hell in a Rocket, is due for release sometime in 2015. In the meantime, hook up with Bronx Cheerleader through these here links: