If you haven’t heard of Annalibera before now I’m confident that one listen of Black Cat White Cat is all it will take for you to go out foraging or more. Slow burning verses build into huge, sweeping choruses, vocalist Anna Gebhardt moving effortlessly through the vocal gears, as capable of throwing down dramatic long notes as soft lingering sounds. A staircase of staccato guitar motifs provide the framework that holds the piece together.

Written during a period of intense homesickness and guilt about not getting home that often, Black Cat White Cat at least ends on a semi-positive note:

Love goes bad

Gets rusty

But I’ve got your back

You can trust me


Yesterday was bad, tomorrow is unknown, but at least today is OK.

Black Cat White Cat is taken from the album Nevermind I Love You, out on Sump Pump Records on March 24th.