No lengthy introduction should be needed to Canadian indie darlings Alvvays, whose self-titled album has been gently cleansing ears since July 2014. Adult Diversion is the opener from that album and is characteristic of the jangly, dreamy Alvvays sound.

Listen and close your eyes. If you were to try to imagine the video for this song, it would be a hazy summer’s day, the beach maybe, a picnic perhaps, delivered via grainy, retro, filtered footage. Damn, you’re good.

You do struggle to make out what Molly Rankin is singing here at times, but it feels almost secondary, as this fast paced little song oozes the sound of summer days into summer nights. Persevere though and you realise the song isn’t about fun in the sun but long distance obsession, a pleasingly darker twist ensuring there is no saccharine overload here.

How do I grow old with you?

Even if you don’t notice as I walk by on the sidewalk.

Why have Alvvays chosen to release Adult Diversion now? A song that has been around for as long as 18 months? Because summer is starting to feel like it’s here and if the sun shines on Worthy Farm for their Glastonbury performance a few days after this release, it’s going to make perfect sense.

Adult Diversion is released on 22nd June on Transgressive.