Having spent April at the top end of my most listened charts, this month I’ll be scrabbling around under the sofa cushions looking for long-lost items and digging right down to the bottom of the crate in search of those artists who I don’t listen to anything like as much as I thought I did. Some will be multi-million selling artists that have just never quite caught my attention, some will be artists I used to have on constant repeat back in those olden times of having to physically place one physical object inside another to make sound, but which have since fallen by the wayside.

When someone tells you what music they love, ask them what they actually listen to and you might get a more truthful picture: some of the artists in this playlist, remarkably, don’t even feature in my top 500 most listened to list, which means they’ve received fewer listens than Coldplay, a band that I have professed to hate on several past occasions, and yet are flying high in 275th place on my last.fm chart.

So, coming up from now until the end of the month are 31 artists that you might expect - I might have expected - that I would listen to a lot more often than I do.