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June 2013: Where's the summer?

Summer is an awesome time. Unless you’re painfully introverted, in which case it can be hell, only hotter. Stay indoors and revel in the sunshine and happiness from the comfort of your own headphones.

May 2013: Europe still loves you, Nigel

It’s the European love-in month.

October 2013: Back to the 90s. Again.

March 2013: And the 90s beat goes on

I feel, as Travis sang, tied to the 90s: another month stretches out before me and still here I am, back in the land of my youth, fairly shoegazing, marginally grungey, but most of all...

August 2014: The Indie Disco at the end of the Universe

February 2013: The 1990s

In the 90s, just as it had in the 80s, my music taste exploded. Only this time I was very consciously rejecting dull chart matter, and embracing the cult of the alternative. This is when...

New Releases 2014 Part 2

July 2014: ICYMI - I Know IMI

May 2014: Don't you forget about me