One Band One Day is a series of mini-projects in which I spend an entire day listening to one artist and one artist only. The goal for the day is to write a review of every studio album by the band in question, usually in chronological order. The first ever One Band One Day project was R.E.M. Day, back in March. I know, start with an easy one to test the water right?

After the success of R.E.M. Day I’m planning on repeating the process for other bands. Current criteria for future One Band One Day projects are:

  • The band or artist should be one I love. Or at least are fond of. I’m not yet ready to subject myself to a whole day wrestling with bands I’m not all that into.
  • There has to be a reasonable back catalogue. Anything less than five albums would be far too easy. From personal experience, however, I can say with some confidence that 16 albums is pushing at the limits…
  • Studio albums only: no Best Of, Greatest Hits, or endless bootlegs. EPs are a grey area: if they’re long enough, or significant enough, I’ll include them. The same applies to b-sides collections.
  • The date should, if possible, have some significance either to me or the band or artist. R.E.M. day, for example, took place on the anniversary of the release of Out of Time, the first R.E.M. album I bought.

Past One Band One Day projects</h1>

R.E.M. (March 11)
Tindersticks (April 3)
The National (April 11)
Divine Comedy (April 29 - release date of Casanova, 1996)
The Auteurs (May 9 - release date of Now I’m a Cowboy, 1994)
Teenage Fanclub (November 4 - release date of Bandwagonesque, 1991)

Provisional future One Band One Day projects {.underline}

Belle & Sebastian (November 18 - release date of If You’re Feeling Sinister, 1996)</dl>

One Band One Day artists with no proposed date

I’ll fit them in when I have time…

  • Radiohead
  • Wilco
  • Super Furry Animals
  • Morrissey
  • Boo Radleys
  • Elbow
  • Blur
  • The Charlatans
  • Suede