Zero 7 have announced a new EP, EP3, their first release since last year’s Simple Science. Rather underplaying their hand, they’ve described it as a couple of stray songs that couldn’t find a home until a Mark Holliss cover (The Colour of Spring) seemed like a happy bedfellow for them. An instrumental track completes the EP’s tracklisting.

In calling the new release EP3, the duo are calling back to their very early days, and the release of EP1 and EP2 back in 2000, before Simple Things seated them in the vanguard of the chillout, downtempo, trip-hop boom that launched a thousand compilation albums. I should know, I bought plenty enough of them. Not having kept up with Zero 7 in the intervening period, I was a little unsure what to expect from 400 Blows, but it’s a beautiful combination of pulses and piano trickles, with vocals from Danny Pratt.

EP3 Tracklisting

  1. 400 Blows
  2. The Colour of Spring
  3. Last Light
  4. Crush Tape
  5. 400 Blows John Wizards Remix (Download version only)

The 12”” vinyl version of EP3 will be available to buy from March 30th, with the download available from April 13th. Noises within the Zero 7 camp suggest an album could be on its way in August. Until then, listen to new track 400 Blows right here.

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