I sometimes feel that the lake that known as “unsigned bands” should be signposted “beware: deep waters”; as much as I love to make new musical discoveries, I’m wary of losing myself, my time, my mind in the vastness of it all. I’m not always a fan of gatekeepers (said the soon-to-be self-published author), but on this occasion I was delighted to come across The Unsigned Music Show and their monthly soundcloud upload of the best new and unsigned artists.

Nestling just after the half-way mark of their latest upload is Magnolia, a quite lovely piece of glistening dream pop from Wilsen. Flecks of guitar float by on the breeze of 24-year-old London native Tamsin Wilson vocals, with bandmates Johnny Simon Jr and Drew Arndt providing unobtrusive, twinkling, accompaniment.

In their own words:

each Wilsen song is tirelessly sculpted over time, building an atmosphere, a mood, a state of mind. Simon Jr’s minimalist guitar melodies and Arndt’s rhythmic basslines create a platform for the gossamer vocals of Tamsin Wilson, by turns ethereal and earthy, and the rich driving force behind Wilsen’s gentle rise.

The Magnolia EP will be released on the 19th of May. That might be your only diary entry for Wilsen for now, since as is customary for the timing of my posts, Wilsen - now living in New York where the band relocated to in 2012 - have just completed a tour of the UK. Sorry about that.