It’s been three years since The Rural Alberta Advantage released the excellent Departing, so we’re about due a follow-up. And a follow-up we shall have, with the release of Mended With Gold on September 29th.

Having already offered a sneak preview with the track Terrified, the band have now shared another of the album’s highlights, On The Rocks. While retaining the fierce energy of the band’s sound on Departing, On The Rocks adds a smoother sheen and an ominous, rumbling bass drone into the mix. Like several other tracks on the album it deals with love, loss, pain and how that affects a person.

On Melded With Gold’s genesis, singer-songwriter Nils Edenloff of the band says:

Last spring, I rented a remote cottage up in the Bruce Peninsula on the recommendation of some friends to try to do some writing for the new album. It turned out to be a pretty terrifying place to be alone with your thoughts- locals told me to watch out for black bears, the heat wasn’t working and at night it sounded like the cottage was surrounded by wolves. I slept with a pocket knife at arms-reach. It’s funny the lines that will run through your head when you’re alone like that and trying to get yourself to sleep- they inspired “To Be Scared”, which is probably one of my favorite songs on the record.

Mark September 29th in your diary for picking up your copy. Later in the year, you can catch The Rural Alberta Advantage on tour in the UK:

  • November 21 - Birmingham, The Hair and Hounds
  • November 22 - Glasgow, Broadcast
  • November 24 - Leeds, Brundenell Social Club
  • November 25 - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
  • November 26 - London, Islington Assembly